This week I undertook the photography challenge: glow

I hoked through my box of goodies out in the shed and managed to find a string of coloured outdoor lights, set them up in the kitchen and turned off all the other lights in the room (except for the TV where my husband patiently put up with my mutterings, clicking and cursing).

I think I prefer this black and white, high contrast to the saturated colour of its counterpart below:  both shot on Nikon D5, 105mm, ISO 800, 3 sec, f/32

The specific challenge this week suggested coupling symmetry with the theme, and so you can see in some of the images I have included the reflection of the lights in my kitchen bench top.

Each of these images have had the contrast increased, the blacks deepened and the saturation bumped up. What interested me most about this challenge was the dramatically different images I was able to produce by either clumping the lights together or stringing them out, as well as the different effects various distances and angles produced: from completely abstract in the first case, to fairly predictable and mundane.

This was a great little project to do in the evening at home with very little in the way of equipment needed. For those of you who aren’t aware, the starburst effect from the light source is produced by stopping the camera down (to f/32 in this case). The rays of light are made by the layered blades of the lens (like the iris in your eye), however, because the light is so restricted by the limited opening if the lens, a tripod is a must.

Next week: Monochrome | Old and used