September has descended and with it the previously abstract truth that I am going to Sydney to compete in the Taekwon-Do World Cup. Yikes. Scattered amongst training, trips to the physio to patch up my ailing body, trips to the doctor, orthodontist, and school, my brain is trying to organise the tonnes of equipment (sporting, photographic and entertainment for the kids) that will be needed.


I get to go to Sydney.

I have a dobok with “Australia” embroidered on the back.

I get to watch 1000 competitors from across the globe.

I get to experience competition on the big stage.

I get to hang out with some pretty awesome people from my own club and friends I’ve met around the world at other TKD events.


I’m terrified.

There’s a lot of logistics involved.

I’m terrified.

It’s being live-streamed so my family in Perth can watch…

I’m terrified.


Anyway… I’m checking out of this blogging malarkey for a couple of weeks to enjoy some family time—genetic and TKD—graduate from University, sight-see in the Blue Mountains and hopefully not get broken in the course of the sparring or power-breaking events.

And yes, I could have pre-written some blog posts to automatically go out while I was away but I’m just not that organised. It’s not how I roll. I also know myself well enough to accept that I’m unlikely to write much while I’m away as well. I think it’s important to recognise and accept your failings for what they are.

See you in October 🙂


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