The Binding by Bridget Collins is set in a world where books have the power to take away memories. Binders hear the memories and emotions that their customers want to live without and bind them into books. Binders take away grief, abuse and love.

Collin’s remarkable story is an enthralling and addictive read as it follows the story of Emmett Farmer, who is sent away to be an apprentice binder. He soon discovers that the world of books, stories and the past are not all that they seem to be and that his own power lies in his remarkable connections to the written word.

The Binding is a captivating love story, a skilled fantasy novel in which the single magical shift completely changes the functioning of society, relationships and power, and an impeccably crafted narrative that slowly reveals itself through the act of reading—like the premise of the novel itself.

I’m reluctant to say more about The Binding because it is emotive and engrossing, and needs to be discovered for itself. However, this book is heart-breakingly beautiful in its exploration of love, connection and acceptance.

A must read if you are on the hunt for something special.

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