Year three of blogging and I still don’t know who I am in this space. I’m grateful for your patience while I’ve played with just what it is I am doing.

It all started out a bit grim. My post On Quitting Veterinary Medicine was a hard one to write. It took ten years away from the profession before I could articulate my reasons for leaving.

When I started this blog, all I knew was that I wanted change. I wanted to change how I saw myself in the world, and how the world saw my daughter as she grows up.

I experimented with seeking out the negative ways in which the world depicts women. I looked at film, advertising, books and personal interactions I’d had to try and make sense of the narrative that had been spun for me to occupy. It didn’t fit. I didn’t like it and I wanted a new one.

The problem with only seeking out the negative, however, is that ultimately you miss the good. You become fixated on the things that make you angry and find yourself dwelling in the wrong places.
This year will be different. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still get angry when I see pointless sexualisation of women and girls (my recent pet-hate being The Witcher – eye roll), but this year I have decided to focus more on seeking the great. The stories that are smart, insightful, different, honest and add to the zeitgeist in a positive way.

I want to seek out stories by Australian authors, filmmakers, voices. I want to read more about the lives, culture and history of Indigenous Australians.

I want to stop dwelling in the drivel that makes me angry and start reveling in the work of those who are creating with intelligence, empathy and joy. I am so excited about this year, about this project.

I would love you to join me. Have you read something recently that got your heart racing, or that you couldn’t stop thinking about?

It is my vision to build a community that shares the creative work happening out there that is changing the way we think, the way look at ourselves and attempting to build a better world.