4 Stars

The Actor’s Studio returns to the Perth Fringe with their improvised theatre show, THE ORACLE. The fate of the characters and the direction of the story is shaped by the audience in a show where no two performances are alike.

The production begins with the oracle, a tarot reader and guide who interacts with a volunteer from the crowd to select an object from among a collection on stage. From here cast members are chosen at random by a member of the audience and must create a short scene centred around the object. One of several scenes is then chosen to be the night’s story.

However, as the show progresses the oracle has a few more twists up her sleeve. She actively manipulates the scene on stage and hands control of story’s future to willing participants in the crowd.

All the action is improvised, including the lighting and the sound effects. The actors had to think fast and play off each other to create a cohesive tale. The performances were strong with a few absolute standouts that had the audience rolling with laughter.

With some excellent characterisation, genuine wit and a sense that everyone in the room is in on it, THE ORACLE delivers and riotous, fun and light-hearted night out. It is a delight to watch the actors on stage twist, turn and sometimes writhe, as they construct an impromptu story on shifting sands.