The 2020 Perth Fringe Festival has been a blast. I have had the pleasure of seeing comedies, deeply moving drama, musical performances, satire and loving reconstructions of lost figures from history.

What always amazes me about the Fringe Festival is the quality and variety of performances on offer. It’s a rare thing for me to walk about of a performance disappointed. Most of the time I’m marvelling at the intelligence and immense creativity of what I have just seen.

This gets me excited. If this is what I’m seeing in Perth (not to forget that the Perth Fringe is one of the largest in the world) then what else is out there? What other gems are waiting to be discovered? What new mind-blowing classics are in the making?

I said that this year was all about finding the good. The Perth Fringe most definitely delivered.

Here are links to all my reviews for this season, though I saw more shows than I reviewed.


Kafka’s Ape


Bite Me

Talk Back


Clara: Sex, Love and Classical Music

The Oracle

The weekend saw the Perth Writer’s Festival and it was incredibly exciting to see Neil Gaiman. And next week? Margaret Atwood. What an amazing start to the year. I’m getting my fan-girl on.