Reading and writing have always been part of my life. I was one of those kids who hid under the covers late into the night to finish the latest book. I nagged my Dad to take me to the library to get the next book in the series, and I wrote silly stories for my friends at school. But when it came to university I ignored my Dad’s advice to follow my love of writing and story and studied veterinary medicine instead. University was an incredible time, and there are many stories to be found in those five years of intensive study. But two years after graduating, I felt the familiar tug of story and decided to go back to university to study creative writing.

Just for fun.

By the time I was married and expecting my daughter I had walked away from my veterinary career and begun the long journey to a PhD in creative writing. Two kids, some mental health struggles and ten years later, I finally achieved my goal and came away with a little novel tucked under my belt.

I might have come to writing late compared to some, but the love of story and shared experience has always been with me.

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