Self-Imposed Photochallenge

Self-Imposed Photochallenge

Ok so I have downloaded a photo challenge app called “The Bigger Picture” and I am going to try and tackle at least one week. This is a great little app, providing task, pointers, examples of other people’s work and forums on Facebook and Flickr to share your work.

The first challenge was to photograph through a window. Sounds easy enough and the example picture given depicted a beautiful old pharmacy chest in black and white. Luckily for me, my daughter was doing some sewing this weekend and her machine happens to sit in front of a window in our lounge room. While she was concentrating I snuck outside and took a few pictures. Most of them didn’t work. It was mid-afternoon (the worst time to photograph almost anything), it was hard to find an angle that didn’t put me in the frame, and the colour in the lantanas and the bourgainvillia behind me were so vivid that they washed out my daughter’s skin. But I did manage to get a couple of shots that I was moderately happy with, and with a few tweaks—reducing the luminance and saturation of yellow and green in the feature image—shot on Nikon D5, 1/450 sec, f/5, focal length 70mm, upping the exposure over my daughter’s face to lift her skin, and finally applying an Alien Skin filter over my own edits—I was ultimately happy with the results.

In the end I opted for black and white to increase the contrast and (hopefully) draw Lily out from the busy-ness of the reflection. (Shot on Nikon D5, 1/400 sec, f/5, focal length 70mm)

I like the sense that she isn’t aware of the camera (of course she was! but she’s so used to me standing there pointing it at her). The use of the window gives the effect of an overlay, providing texture and depth on what is an essentially a simple and domestic image. I prefer the black and white edit to the coloured feature image, though I think they both have their merits.

If anyone is interested in undertaking these challenges with me I will be posting them weekly (hopefully!). Post your pics in the comments, or a link to your favourite photo display medium, I’d love to see them.

The next challenge is “Glow”: Shoot a glowing subject.

Stay tuned.