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Have you ever wondered how the authoring world works? Check in here and I’ll do my best to keep you updated with my work in progress as well as ideas that are brewing the background. 

Ealie Pox and the MaestroChef Mystery

(Working Title) –  Middle-Grade

Eleanor Poxford (Ealie Pox) is an eleven-year old girl with a secret weapon. When the town is gripped with MaestroChef fever, it’s not all cakes, croquembouches and roast duck. Ealie must unravel the source of town’s mysterious malady, rescue her dog from a fate worse than death and find the missing children before it’s too late.

  • First Draft 100% 100%
  • Second Draft 100% 100%

Concept of villain by O. 

The Idea for Ealie Pox

Finding the idea for your second book is a daunting task. What if it isn’t as good? Did I fluke the first one? Do I have the stamina to do this again? Doubt creeps in and it’s easy to find yourself a year, two, three or more out from publication with no new work. As COVID changed our lives forever I was struggling to focus on a ‘serious’ project. I sat in my garden writing down notes on the ideas I had swirling around in my head and listing the pros and cons of each. Did I have the energy for them? Were they ideas that would stand up once I started writing? I have learnt to trust that little spark that fizzes inside me and says ‘this is the one’. After all, if I’m not excited write it, no one will be excited to read it. 
This idea has been brewing for nearly ten years. I used to play a silly game with my kids when they were toddlers. I’d ask them what they wanted for dinner, then I’d say ‘what about… snail’s bums on toast?’ They would then say, ‘what about… juiced catepillars and earwigs with jam’, or something equally disguting. And so the game would go on as we out-grossed each other. I’d alway thought that one day I’d write picutre based on this game. Then as my kids grew I felt I’d lost my window for immortalising our special game. 
‘Snail’s bums on toast’ made it onto my brainstorming list in April 2020. The pros? Fun, silly, lightweight. The cons? I hadn’t written a kids’ book before. As I was working thorugh the other ideas on my list, I kept coming back to this one. Then Ealie arrived. Her name, her appearance and most important of all her voice, all popped into my head and she started jabbering away. Decision made. 
Now I had a character eager to get moving through her own adventure and it was time to write. 

The Assemblage

(Working Title) – YA

Ashton lives among the pilons of the upper city on Cyne. She’s never been topside, so when the opportunity to see how the Others live lands at her feet it is too hard ot resist. What she discovers will change everything she knows about herself, the history of humans on Cyne and their relationship to the Others.

  • First Draft 15% 15%


(Working Title)

This collection of short stories explores women’s lives from the everday to the extraordinary. This is a quiet collection that celebrates and comisserates with the women of the world.

  • First Draft 10% 10%

Future Projects Not Yet in Development

  • Turning the Page (Ealie Pox) – WT
  • A Dahlian Nightmare (Ealie Pox) – WT
  • Molly Miranda’s Guide to Being Twelve – an Ealie Pox Companion


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